There were an estimated 205 000 home robberies in the 202122 period, representing 0,9% of all households in South Africa.(93)

Sub Rosa Integrated Security Solutions was founded in 2004. The name "Sub Rosa" originates from the Latin term meaning "under a rose," symbolizing secrecy and confidentiality. This name was chosen to emphasize our commitment to protecting our clients' information and ensuring that our trade secrets are never disclosed to criminal elements.

Did you know that Sub Rosa responds to non-client emergencies as well?


24/7 Active Neighborhood Patrols


Armed Reaction Officers


Trained Reaction Officers


Zero Fees For Electric Fence Monitoring


Live Tracking Of All Patrol Vehicles

Our unique and effective approach to crime prevention and service delivery is no secret; this is what makes Sub Rosa the successful company it is today. At Sub Rosa, we focus on communities and, in conjunction with community forums, we incorporate our tried-and-tested methods with the latest technology to stop criminals in their tracks. The management of Sub Rosa has more than 40 years of experience, much of it gained within the South African Police, where our hands-on owner Jaques Kleynhans served as a member of an elite and highly specialized unit.Today, as a successful player in community-driven security initiatives, Sub Rosa is proud to present references from many well-satisfied subscribers.


+27 11 412 1523
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I have seen that Sub Rosa is always on patrol and the reaction time to alarms under 3 minutes. Well done Sub Rosa and the team.

A provider of world class service, always willing to go the extra mile. Sub Rosa's response is impressive. We sleep better at night knowing Sub Rosa is watching over us.

Sub Rosa has proven to always go above and beyond. They areconstantly assisting the community, including non Sub Rosa clients.

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